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Castle Holštejn

Remnants masonry of castle on chalky formation with cave call Lidomorna lands perhaps 300 m west by south from same named village in district Blansko, on territory Moravian karst in Czech republic.


Castle was constructed about year 1270 by Hartman from Jedovnice. After his death descend castle into the arms of Cenek from Lipe and he sold castle to Vok I. from Holstein in the year 1349. He entailed castle also with surrounding settlements to his second born son Vok II. in the year 1375..

Vok II. from Holstein sitted in provincial judgement in Olomouc and Brno and in property contentions conducts like arbitrator. He died in the year 1384 and castle overdrafted his son Vok III.

 During reign of Vok III. come to war, to which connected also aristocracy. Castle Holstein was place of the knightly robbery, in the dungeon under castle died a lot of people. Predatory bluster participates also his son Vok IV., which after father's death assumed government above castle.

Vok IV. lived stormy life, often was complains from predatory raids, nonpayment debts and appropriations of the foreign estates. In the year 1415 underwrote and by seal girts hisexclamation against burn Jan Hus and was adherent of the Hussitism, unfortunately only to the year 1419, when tend to Zikmund. Together with his army then tug on Hussite Prag.
 At mining of the Vysehrad was military of Vok IV. broken by Hussites and himself Vok IV. there found death. He is interred on cemetery near church St. Pankrac.

Vok V. inherited after his father big treasure. Unfortunately historical sources don't mention exactly what is up, but is truth that Vok V. Drop most his possession and Holstein district was divided on three parts and had three various owner. Vok V. lived still on castle. Died in the year 1466 in Brno, where drove to judgement. Because didn't have no heir, break up definitely Holstein manor and it seal doom of the famous castle Holstein that the since decayed.


Picture of castle was painted on basis drawing from master Libor Petyrek, which him draw according to consultation with local historian Marek Bejcek.


Several paintings of the castle can be bought at the inn "Pod hradem" (Under the castle) in village Holštejn.

Castle Holštejn 1.

Winter - midnight.

oil, 68 x 95 cm , december 2009


Castle Holštejn 2.

Winter- afternoon.

tempera, june 2010


Castle Holštejn 3.

oil, december 2010





Castle Holštejn 4.




tempera, march 2014




Castle Holštejn 5.

Night visit.


tempera, 2014







Fiery goblin

Story tells that the around castle and in the surrounding occurs fiery little man, that the harm people by ignition conveyances, stacks, outhouses..     

30 x 45 cm, tempera, june 2009


Knight Hartman and The Devil

Founder castle knight Hartman luxuriates on trespassed treasure hidden in near cave, where him by story reveal devil, requesting his grab..

45 x 45 cm, tempera, july 2009



In woods around castle was chance to see also three wild girl.

30 x 45 cm , tempera, july 2009


Imprisoned of lady Bětka

Set-in cave under castle served like prison, dungeon. Here in year 1406 the Vok IV. jailed lady Betka, after what burn out and plunder her farmstead in Petrovice. Reason was endeavour
 impel to her daughter Anezka to marriage, however poorly. Lady Betka after neediness in a cave died and Vok removed to the wars against Hussites. Anezka from castle set free brother
of lady Betka and Vok IV. fell at the battle below Vysehrad in Prag.

30 x 45 cm, tempera, october 2009



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