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Norse mythology

                                                    9 WORLDS OF YGGDRASIL



According to Norse myths,whole the world forms nine independent worlds,that each other joins tree of the world- ash Yggdrasil.
They arose in a space bottomless abyss cal Ginnungagap ( great emptiness ).
Moves between this worlds prove only gods or wizards.

112 x 89 cm, tempera, july 2008




MUSPELLSHEIM -oldest, fiery and hot world. 


50 x 79 cm , tempera, august 2007







NIFELHEIM - ancient world of mist and ice.


50 x 79 cm , tempera, august 2007



MIDGARD -world of people, world in which we live .

50 x 79 cm , tempera,june 2007


JOTUNHEIM - homeland of giants.

50 x 79 cm , tempera, march 2007










VANAHEIM -  homeland of Vans.



50 x 79 cm , tempera, march 2007








LJOSALFHEIM -  homeland of light elves.



50 x 79 cm , tempera, july 2007








SVARTALFHEIM -  homeland of the dark elves.




50 x 79 cm , tempera, may 2007









HELHEIM -  homeland of goddess Hel.



50 x 79 cm , tempera, april 2007








ASGARD - country of gods, homeland of As, castle of As.




79 x 50 cm , tempera, august 2007








  Highest god,Alfödr, throne Hlidskjálf, helm Hjálmberi,spear Gungni,wolves Geri and Freki, ravens Hugin and Munin,Yggdrasil,castle Valhalla, Asgard.

58 x 58cm, tempera / akryl, sololit, july 200


Gate between the worlds


100 x 80 cm, tempera, october 2006



Odins ride

Odins ride on his ash-grey stallion call Sleipnir.
Sleipnir is child of god Loki, that the upon yourself took form of mare,
 to lure away horse Svadilfari, inevitable to builder of rampart Asgard. Threatened that the builder / giant finishs construction in time
 and will take away goddess Freya, sun also moon. Loki lures away the stallion, but not escapes and Sleipnir, best of all horses what when
 gods have had, was in the world.
Below they is displayed our world Midgard, according to old images with symbol of world's tree Yggdrasill call Irminsul in the middle.

56 x 82 cm, tempera, february 2007/ may 2013











Son of Odin, god of thunder,protector of Midgard with goats Tanngnjost and Tanngrisni, hammer Mjölnir.


56x81 cm, tempera, 2008



Nordic goddess of the family Vans, as well as her father, Njord and brother Frey.
Freya is known as the goddess of fertility and abundance, love, beauty, war and witchcraft.
 Official Odin´s wife Frigg while, but Freya is his partner and counterpart.
 Along with Odin falls in battle, waiting for her death just a moment before Odin.
Freya´s own carriage pulled by cats, a gorgeous necklace Brisingamen, boar with golden bristles
 Hildisvína a falcon (or heron) robe, through which you can turn into a bird. At the request of Odin
 and Frigg it leaves all the warriors who died in the battle for a woman. In addition,
 oversees half of all the fallen warriors. They go into Fólkvang, its seat in Asgard.
Name Freya and her brother was reflected in the English name for Thursday, Friday - Freya´s day (Frey´s day).

42x60 cm, tempera, september 2011






  57 x 57 cm, tempera,november 2014








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