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Miroslav Zapletal - author and his creations


My name is Miroslav Zapletal and on these pages you can see my work. I paint and take photos. I am a self-taught amateur and as such I paint and take photos of what interests me,what I think and what I catch the eye. The paintings, mostly painted with tempera and oil, are reflected my interests on various topics. Whether it's pagan mythology, history, nature, occultism and other fantasy and abstraction. Sometimes I paint the optional, custom, if the topic interested me. Several of my works were used as covers for metal albums. I like to wander with the camera also the surrounding countryside where I live, so Drahany´s highland and the Moravian Karst in Czech republic. I like nature, animals, metal music, movies, books and solitude, which me and inspires creation.


FUTHARK. Rune symbols visualizations.

Tempera. 2014.

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Miroslav Zapletal